Our Mission:

What is The Puzzle Store?

The Puzzle Store is a store specialising in selling toys, games and accessories to customers.

Who are the people behind The Puzzle Store?

We are individuals dissatisifed with the monpoly of big store brands, and we wish to offer our connections and services to help serve the British nation with affordable items.

What is The Puzzle Store hoping to achieve?

Big name brands overcharge their items, there are a multitude of reasons for this.

Retail stores have to pay for staff members and storage space in their retail store, furthermore the expansion of the stores means stockholders are able to incur large profits at the expense of their services. We don't have much staff members and we don't have retail stores, meaning we can save money on rent and salary. Furthermore, The Puzzle Store is a small business and as such- it is in our incentive to keep the store healthy and alive, because of this we won't be skimping on our services.